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Aircraft Technical Services

Determine the Aircraft workscope in conjunction with the forecast operational needs of the Customer. Secure bids from selected MRO facilities. Upon review of bids assistance shall be provided with MRO selection and Contract Negotiation.

Aircraft Maintenance Management:

Table top inspection at piece part level.
Review of intital workscope - revision and agreement with MRO as necessary.
Technical review at piece part level.
Scrap review.
Source replacement material.
Technical review of repairs performed and parts supplied during rebuild.
Invoice review and reconciliation.
Manage the return of the aircraft to service and unserviceable parts.
Scrap material disposal - mutilation and disposal in an environmental compliant manner.

Aircraft Records Review:

Review Operator history.
Review Back to Birth traceability.
Review airframe maintenance visit history.
Review AD Status.
Review SB Status.
Review CPCP and Ageing Aircraft programs.
Review Repair compliance.


Provide CAMO Services and storage as required by relevant Authorities. Review of CAMO Services to ensure compliance.

Aircraft Storage:

Aircraft Storage in mainland Europe.
Facilities are fully insured, secure, with handing facilities for all aircraft types. Long or short term storage contracts.

Aircraft Maintenance Services:

Base Maintenance.
Line Maintenance.
Component Repair Services.
Aircraft Handover / Delivery / Redelivery.
Inflight WIFI (ROW44) Installation.
Airline Start-up Services.
Engineering and Maintenance Planning Services.
FAA DAR AND FAA (IA) services through local FAA representatives.

Aircraft types serviced:

Boeing 737-200 / 300 / 400 / 500 / 600 / 700 /800 /900.
Boeing 757-200 / 300.
Boeing 767-200 / 300.
Airbus A318 / A319 / A320 / A321.
Fokker 70 / 100.